You ain't gonna cut it.

He attributed his failure to bad luck.

Very happy to meet you.

Ron should have purchased flood insurance.

Jennifer wasn't the most popular kid in school, but he had a lot of friends.

My partner and I work hard.

I see you everywhere.

They went skiing in the mountains.

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She has no less than one thousand yen.

She's totally ignoring me.

Edith came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.

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The score was even.

George weighs not less than 70 kilograms.

I'm on cloud nine.

We gather here once a week.

The farrier fitted the shoe to the horse's hoof while the shoe was hot.

The kids, who were exhausted, fell asleep right away

The lake has a diameter of 3 miles.


Mechael didn't smile.

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Do I need a tie?

May I have a look at that?

He was greatly praised, while I was as much scolded.

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Suwandi didn't tell me what Kit said.


I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life!

It happened on the first of May.

Lighten up, guys.

Since the death of her husband, Cristina has suffered a lot.

Everything is interconnected.

Tell us about that.

I have a cold in my chest, with coughing and a headache.


Such international cooperation produced great results.


Do you really want to eat that?

My grandpa is sick.

The future of mankind rests in your hands.

I'm just trying to stop you from making a big mistake.

Dawn tried it again.

You're an engineer.

Is Rob still at work?


Do you need to do that now?

We don't have much snow here even in the winter.

Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.

The woman in white is a famous actress.

We didn't know the truth.

He is often late for school on Mondays.

Sampling must be performed in a manner that guarantees random selection.


I fell asleep while reading a book.

That sounded a little desperate.

Please don't write to me again.

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I intended to have called on him, but I couldn't.

Charles plans to stay here tonight.

Gunter was here yesterday.

Let's pack our suitcases and get ready to go.

She would keep interrupting me.

That medicine didn't seem to make Siegurd feel any better.

We have heard of your success in the exam.

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I visited Paris, but I didn't climb the Eiffel tower, since I'm afraid of heights.

Do you know what the problem is?

Are you sure you can't stay here?


If you ask Tran, he'll help.

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Development in the technological area goes at lightning speed.

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That won't fly.


Thank you for the correction.


Every once in a while, I take my boyfriend a lunch while he's at work.

The stability of Chinese economy is substantially overestimated.

Mitchell knows Curtis isn't planning to go to Boston with him.

Let's ask a travel agent.

One of Son's problems is his short attention span.

He was very anxious to please.

Herb was a great manager.

Neville needs to regain his strength.

Many American students work their way through the university.

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Do you have something to hide?


This oil well is going to make me rich.

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Do you regret getting that tattoo?

There is food enough for us.

The day will come soon when we will be able to predict earthquakes.

They're able students.

I'd say no if I were you.

He is the last person to speak ill of others.

Is Meehan in trouble?

Could I borrow your notes?

I hurried so as not to miss the train.


She is knitting a scarf.

I know what Florian was doing.

Can I begin?


I never lose.

We arrived at a hotel in Rome.

I really have to go.


They're just for you.

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I got really busy.


Tell me who else is on your list.

I have the key of Paradise.

I think Teresa is going to like it here.

Picasso painted this picture in 1950.

I'd like to think about it a little longer before I make a decision.


The anger of the people exploded, leading to a series of riots.

You won't go, will you?

My parents would never allow me to go to Boston with you.

Michel is selfish and greedy.

I've already told him everything.

It's a shame Steve had to work and couldn't go camping with us.

Roberta is outstanding.

How many times a week do they collect garbage in this town?

I love you Hubert!

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It wasn't that funny.

Good for Nobuyuki.

Sherri must make up his own mind.

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How tall are they?

The priest is an atheist.

Did she send you?

What a nasty man he is!

Nathan bought a pair of tennis shoes.

I shouldn't have told you.

These bananas went bad.

She has a submissive personality.

In China, there's a saying that you can't judge a person by appearance.

I believe in early rising.

Don't stay in Boston.

She wants to be a star.

She's watching me.

Could it have been a murder?

When does your business trip begin?

An equilateral triangle has three sides of equal length.

Please don't force me to eat that.

Tatoeba always needs more sentences!

This is true of your case also.


I'd think that you would be thrilled.

It rained like mad for about a half-hour.

He's not ready.

Hurf doesn't want to admit that he was wrong.

My house is old and ugly.

You should definitely ask him out.

About how much will it cost?

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Things escalated out of control.


Let me tell you something about myself.

My uncle will have been in New York for two years next month.

There was blood.

You will get friends there.

Eye witnesses saw Francisco walking south on Park Street just after the bombing.

How many times are you going to make me say it? Do you know how many times I've tried to wake you up?

Everybody is very busy getting ready for the New Year.

During the Second World War, German Nazis killed many people at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Graeme has way too much common sense to do what Jagath's asking him to do.


Sign this.


She danced in the fire.

"Trey, there is something I want to talk to you about..." "Yes, what is it? Is it something serious?" "Yes, sort of..."

Is it reliable?

Some Asian men wear make up.

You're too weak.

I know that Earl is busy.

I assume that's the reason Myron isn't here.


There has been no conclusive proof regarding extra-sensory perception.

This is a statue of Saturn.

The baby was the very image of his mother.

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I didn't have the heart to tell him.

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He laughed until tears filled his eyes.


Norman left a long time ago.

Sign at the bottom, please.

This year typhoons comes in succession.

Everything turned out great.

A curious German word is "entfernen" (to put some distance between), because the prefix "ent-" means to take something away, in this case the distance, but taking away the distance would mean to bring it closer which is the exact opposite of what the word "entfernen" means.

I think it would be so much fun.

Daren helped Steven carry water from the well.